Tips for Creating an Office Chic Capsule Wardrobe

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Building an office wardrobe is harder than it looks. Presenting yourself as a qualified and professional adult requires looking the part, not just for your employer but also for yourself. While dressing to play a part might sound superficial, there is actually a proven cognitive relationship between our clothes and the way we perform in our everyday life. It may only be threads sewn together, but clothing can help us believe in our ability to succeed.

If you keep feeling like you’re out of work clothes, don’t worry—you don’t have to overhaul your entire wardrobe or ask your friends to sign you up for What Not to Wear. Creating a work-appropriate closet has more to do with basic items and classic pieces than anything else, which can be difficult for those who have a more carefree style. If you’re struggling to build a wardrobe that follows office guidelines, we’ve made a guide just for you. This easy twelve-piece office capsule collection can create more than fourteen outfits. How’s that for getting the job done?



The tops in your capsule collection can be as much of a variety as you like, but we suggest sticking to neutral tones such as black, white, and blue to allow for more outfit repeats. If you wear the same patterned shirt every week, people will notice, but if you wear a simple white button-up, who’s to say you don’t own a few?


The bottoms of your capsule serve as the foundation and should be as neutral as possible, allowing for multiple outfit combinations. We think the easiest is to choose a simple black pencil skirt and black slacks. You can wear these pieces with as many different tops as you want. The best part? Your coworkers won’t even notice you have the same two bottoms on rotation.


Office-wear outfits are usually a combination of a bottom and a top. To shake up your everyday look, add in a dress for a more streamlined and feminine look. Not to mention, it’s much easier to throw on a dress in the morning.


Outerwear is often overlooked when it comes to office wear, but appropriate jackets and coats are important to maintaining your professional appeal. Nothing ruins an awesome outfit more than a ski coat you’ve been wearing since school.


Work shoes should be simple, comfortable, and, most importantly, they should make you feel like a #boss every day you wear them. Stick to sleek silhouettes that can be worn with any pant, skirt, or dress.